Cambridge International Diploma for
Teachers and Trainers

Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers was started three years ago as part of our teacher empowerment programs. Many of our teachers have availed of this in-house training and successfully achieved this qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge. The coherence between the CIDTT approach and APL’s pedagogy enabled many of our teachers to achieve distinctions in different modules. The Diploma is designed to improve the quality of teaching and learning and is ideal for anyone in a teaching, training role or positions of leadership.

The Diploma is also open to external candidates. The duration of the course would extend from the date of enrolment to a maximum of two years. All candidates should however take a minimum of 8 months to complete the diploma. Each candidate will be required to submit four assignments for the diploma. They will be provided with total of thirteen sessions of guidance, both mandatory and on-request, for completion of the assignments.

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