The Co-Curricular Programme: Expressions

Expressions_ThumbnailsExpressions are a collection of clubs that provide opportunities for students to engage in curricular activities outside the classroom- Music, Environment, Technology, Dance, Theatre, Literary Clubs and Sports amongst other things. Students go on field trips, interact with professionals in various fields and participate in organizing inter school events to complete the experience.

Across the school, sports and physical education includes team games, karate and yoga, apart from age appropriate athletic training. Participation in national and international competitions like the Olympiads, inter school culturals, talent competitions across various interest areas build self-confidence and offer opportunities for students to broaden their horizons.

Students hone their leadership abilities as they manage all major school events, participate in the school student council, and volunteer to conduct events.

In the Science & Technology club, children learn to solve problems using creativity and experimentation. Working with their peers to understand science and technology helps students develop a passion for scientific enquiry and the practical application of scientific concepts.  It gives an opportunity for the students to discuss about various technologies being used nowadays, to prepare models for many inventions, to discuss about the technologies used in ancient times, to come up with the ideas for new inventions, etc. Children are allowed to think out of the box and come up with their own inventions, ideas, apps, etc.

In Stageway, children discover and develop their inner performer with the help of an experienced theatre professional. Apart from putting on plays and other theatrical performances, participants work on theatre exercises to hone their performance skills like voice and body language, basic improvisation, create content and use of production elements. The club provides a congenial environment which help students incorporate basic life skills, convert ideas that linger in their mind to take shape into meaningful executions.

The Enterprise Club is for students who are independent and want to create a project from scratch, be in artistic, scientific, social, or entrepreneurial. Facilitator in this club help students develop the skills necessary to see a project come to life. They develop business related skills like critical thinking and staying on task.

Black & White is led by professional artists who help students develop their artistic sensibilities. Working on a wide range of spaces—walls, sketch pads, canvasses, fabric, and a variety of other materials and styles—helps students become confident in themselves as artists and creators. Most of the work is practical or studio based, so that learners can develop their abilities of observation and analysis of the visual world, sensitivity, skill, personal expression and imagination. Photography, digital art and clay modelling are the current rage in this club.

Dance is an energizing, captivating, joyful art which paves the way for students to bring out their hidden talents. Our students learn dance styles from across the word with our professional dancers in Reflections. Students learn to express themselves through movements, and become comfortable with their own bodies. The dance club aims at developing the talents of students in dance and expressing self through movements.

An involvement with our own traditions and culture combined with a healthy respect for the vast and varied heritage that we have inherited helps students develop a sense of national pride and belonging. It helps them appreciate the rich and vibrant culture and heritage of India in both tangible and intangible terms. The students are introduced to many facets of Indian culture in terms of architecture, dance forms, music, crafts, cuisines, festivals and also participate in playing traditional games.

Wordsworth focuses on developing language abilities and communication skills through debates, creative writing sessions, reading, and more. The activities include fun vocabulary games, script writing, engage in role play, make presentations and enact small scenes to develop their dramatic abilities. Students choose the skills that they wish to hone under the guidance of qualified language facilitators.

Social responsibility lies with every citizen; these values need to be incorporated into young minds at early stages of schooling. Good Citizenship Program aims to create awareness and sensitize our students to social issues globally, nationally and locally. Students learn to initiate and sustain social development work by directly working with issues of concern in the immediate surroundings of the school. The sessions focus on one social issue to help students understand the problems in depth and strategize for solutions and emerge as changemakers.