Essential Support


‘Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction’( John Crosky). We cannot agree more on this as mentoring is a very significant part of APL. The student’s mentor plays a multidimensional role in helping the child with his/her academic, social and emotional needs. Every student at APL is assigned a mentor who will be his/her friend, philosopher and guide in school. Mentors are the first point of contact, and their interaction with the parents helps in building a mutual interest in the mentee’s development.

Our faculty are trained to understand and support students through a range of issues: academic, social, emotional, developmental. Mentor periods aim to create a space in which the class group is guided by the Class Mentor to discuss and air-out issues specific to the class. Some of the activities that happen at this time are silence, guided meditation, circle time and sharing of news that is relevant to the class.


Counselors in APL are qualified, experienced & skilled in one-on-one counseling as well as group sessions. The one-on-one sessions meet individual and personal counseling needs of students, understanding and accommodating the emotional spectrum of all students. Psychological guidance in terms of social and moral values are imbibed in students in a clearly defined, fully confidential space. Proactive strategies are put in place to help students with conflict resolution and effective engagement with the community.  At all levels of school, the effort is to create self-awareness and promote emotional literacy, thus creating a school climate promoting healthy living and learning.


Explore is a one-of-a-kind program where sessions are conducted to create a non-judgemental space for students to reflect on various topics. These topics are selected based on areas of social and emotional relevance to the students. It gives students structured time each week to reflect, discuss and make personal meaning under the guidance of a facilitator. These sessions are facilitated by our trained and qualified counsellors.
The topics for Explore are discussed using different methodologies like interactive sessions, activities, power-point presentations, role-plays, videos and debates. The content for Explore is designed by the Counsellors and is age-appropriately presented to the students across Grades 2-12.

Career Counselling

Our academic counseling team guides students to realize their academic aspirations and helps develop a road-map to achieve their goals by regularly tracking their performance.

The counselors help students from GR8 through IGCSE and AS/A levels to understand their aptitude and interest using psychometric assessment tools, supporting them in building strengths and skills required to pursue the course and career of their choice. The counselors keep students and parents up to date on trending careers and opportunities by means of webinars, guest lectures, presentations and career fairs throughout the year. We have a career guidance site with information on university specific and country specific requirements.