Academic Streams

Academic Streams_ThumbnailsAPL offers two streams of teaching-learning structures which cater to different kinds of personalised learning needs.

Formal Stream refers to full-time school with maximum class strength of 18-20 per section. The curriculum is rolled out in definite time cycles and structures, with periodic formative and summative assessments. Differentiated teaching and assessment are practised to address the unique needs and potentials of all students in a regular classroom setting.

Flexible Stream is designed to cater to the needs of those who need to complete their education through a part-time or flexible schedule. This has worked well for students who want to pursue their passion in performing arts, professional sports and so on while they continue their schooling on par with their peers. Students with medical restrictions could also benefit. Learning and assessment happen through a combination of online and on-site sessions with every effort made to allow for participation in class activities across curricular and co-curricular classes.