Promoters_ThumbnailsAPL Global School is an initiative of the Ramaniyam Group Enterprise.
RAMANIYAM REAL ESTATES PRIVATE LIMITED, a leading builder in Chennai with over three decades of experience in the residential, commercial and IT buildings, has earned a reputation for expertise in providing customized buildings. APL Global School’s Personalized Learning Design is an extension of the same ethos of customization into the field of education.

In seeking to fit all students into a set pace and style of learning, we lose many geniuses in our midst. We have all heard of the Einstiens and the Churchills who did badly at school only to emerge as towering leaders in their chosen field later in life. For every genius who succeeded, there are several who are left behind by the mainstream educational model. APL Global School seeks to right that wrong of the 21st century classroom through Personalized Learning.